Art design by       Pascale




My acrylic paintwork very much represents my life, my personality and my style.

Life is about passion... Art is mine.


As a child I was very creative and intrigued by the live around me: nature, birds, animals, butterflies,diamonds and fashion. I had a strong need to create and spent a few years at the art academy in Nijlen, Belgium. Raised in a diamond family my future was already determined and I worked for 23 years in the Antwerp diamond area.


Like everybody I had my fair share of challenging times, these are represented with a black and white style paintwork combined with vibrant colors and sometimes adding glitter showing that in every dark event and dull moment there is always eventually an array of color.


My art is a quest for happiness, freedom and peace of mind often with a lot of symbolic, feeling, emotion, humor and mystic and inspired by my meeting with different cultures in my work and travelling the world and my addiction to fashion.



‘Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins’